On February 24th, the morning news profoundly shocked Europe.

On February 24th, the morning news profoundly shocked Europe. At that very moment, we realized that it was impossible to stay aside. We reacted immediately by connecting people, combining resources, and finding solutions. At first, we started collecting humanitarian aid: food, clothes, hygiene products, and medication to bring to Ukraine. Our first buses departed to […]

Why your donation is important? 

Why Is Your Donation Important? Millions of people in Ukraine have been displaced due to a crisis caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The war always impacts civilians and poses a devastating threat to the well-being, psychological and social stability, and lives of people – especially children as the most vulnerable part of society. […]

Become a volunteer

Thanks to the great availability and generosity of private people who immediately made themselves available, together we managed to give a bit of comfort to a number of people fleeing the war. With a long-term track record in administration, active leadership as Managing Partner Assistant, and Private Banking Assistant with a strong Swiss legal background […]