Why your donation is important? 

Why Is Your Donation Important?

Millions of people in Ukraine have been displaced due to a crisis caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The war always impacts civilians and poses a devastating threat to the well-being, psychological and social stability, and lives of people – especially children as the most vulnerable part of society. Providing life-saving assistance to those in need is a humane act of showing support and expressing care that every person can grant. Working collaboratively, we can offer a glimpse of hope and comfort for the refugees. Together, we invest in a healthy environment for those in need. Any help matters. Even if it seems insignificant to you, it makes a difference. A small amount of money can improve the living conditions of people escaping war, help them find a peace of mind in a new country, and provide support to those who require specific attention like newcomers, people with chronic diseases, and children with special needs. The lives of refugees and asylum seekers have turned upside down in one moment and our communication, collaboration, and teamwork can guarantee that they are not alone. Help Ukrainian families!


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