On February 24th, the morning news profoundly shocked Europe.

On February 24th, the morning news profoundly shocked Europe. At that very moment, we realized that it was impossible to stay aside. We reacted immediately by connecting people, combining resources, and finding solutions. At first, we started collecting humanitarian aid: food, clothes, hygiene products, and medication to bring to Ukraine. Our first buses departed to the Polish-Ukrainian border bringing loads of supplies. 

Our drivers were deeply touched by the number of people crossing the border from Ukraine to Poland in search of safety. We promptly made a decision to offload the humanitarian aid from our buses and to take people on board. We provided them transport further to Switzerland. This started an ongoing process of assisting Ukrainian families in making their way through the difficulties of running away and finding their peace abroad. 

Bringing people from the border was just the beginning. Shortly after, we realized that we needed to provide them with everything they needed in a foreign country far away from home. We looked for shelter and accommodation and basic necessities, such as warm clothes, hygiene products, and food. Together with Ukrainian families, we met new challenges like registration, finding work, and organizing kindergarten and school classes for children. 

It is a very sensitive process and a touching moment to see a bus arriving and people who were just face to face with the atrocities of war being welcomed to their homes abroad by complete strangers willing to help. Some of the Ukrainians left their homes with nothing. They had clothes on them and nothing else. Children had to leave their toys, books, and other favorite things at home. 

Together, we managed to accommodate hundreds of people, giving them an opportunity to continue their lives. Your support also makes this possible.


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