The Ukraine Recovery Conference

The Ukraine Reform Conference held on 4 and 5 July has been renamed the Ukraine Recovery Conference (URC2022) to reflect the new focus of the gathering. The way to rebuild Ukraine is through a broad-based political and diplomatic process. Switzerland and Ukraine set this process in motion in Lugano. Discussions will focused on Ukraine’s reconstruction and development program and on contributions from international partners.

The URC2022 conference drew 58 international delegations as well as representatives from the private sector and civil society.
Participants at the conference in Lugano discussed reconstruction priorities and the need to coordinate support. The agenda included in particular discussion of reconstruction priorities, methods and principles. Participants also examined the various facets of reconstruction in terms of infrastructure, the economy, the environment and social affairs.

At the end of the Ukraine Recovery Conference (URC2022), Switzerland and Ukraine, with the support of international partners, presented the ‘Lugano Declaration’ on Tuesday, 5 July 2022. This document creates a framework for the political process that will guide Ukraine’s reconstruction. It also establishes the ‘Lugano Principles’, which will serve as common benchmarks for the future.


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