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Thanks to the great availability and generosity of private people who immediately made themselves available, together we managed to give a bit of comfort to a number of people fleeing the war.

With a long-term track record in administration, active leadership as Managing Partner Assistant, and Private Banking Assistant with a strong Swiss legal background graduated from Geneva Law University, I managed to enhance my skills through productive working experiences within the private jet and private banking industry in Switzerland. I had the opportunity to develop my abilities within an atmosphere where quality, excellence, and confidentiality are the keywords. My dynamism, capacity to adapt to any situation, and passion for administrative tasks are making my profile adjusted to very exigent international environments.

From the start of the war in Ukraine, I immediately activated myself to help mothers and children by collecting all the basic necessities and then bringing them to the borders with Ukraine.

I have been contacted by mothers in distress in the bunkers under the bombardments in Ukraine. Consequently, I took the immediate initiative to organize 4 buses to bring more than 250 mothers and children to Switzerland and find them all private accommodation.  I also undertook all the administrative procedures for registration to obtain their refugee residence permit and registered the children in different schools. I have followed their new life as a refugee on a daily basis and have helped day to day in their journey. 


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