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to those who need it is our duty.

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Mothers are trying to take their children to safe countries in order to protect them from the horrors of the war. These children are afraid of bombings, of loud noises, of death. Today, about every second Ukrainian refugee is a child who needs a place to live, play, learn, and be safe. 


Our association helps Ukrainian families with children find transport and shelter, provide them with the everyday essentials, support them, and assist with their first steps in a new country.

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Our mission

The Kinder Hands Association is a non-profit focused on children that are suffering and need support in relocating from war conflicts. We want to give them an opportunity to stay in a safe place, continue their learning and be protected from the horrors of war.


All money we raise goes directly toward covering our main costs - paying for transportation from the border regions to host countries in Western Europe and to purchasing basic supplies to help mothers and children in the first few weeks in the new host country. Any help matters and is extremely appreciated.

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Thanks to the generosity of many, we already have a great team supporting us in our cause. We are, however, always looking to partner with more people to increase the scale of our operation. We need people with relevant language, organisational and logistical skills, and, most of all, we are looking for people with a kind heart, who cannot stand by witnessing this tragedy unfold.

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How are we  helping?


We have contacts in Ukraine that help us identify people needing relocation - these are typically mothers and children fleeing areas of intense conflict


We organise and pay for buses to pick up the refugees in border regions - each bus costs us EUR 3,000-5,000 and this is our main expense. This is for a 22hour journey - our transportation partners operate in full compliance with all European safety regulations.


We find host families or spare houses and bedrooms using our local network to provide families with private accommodations (we care also about the basic quality of life of people fleeing the war zone)


We meet the families when they arrive, provide them with basic necessities for the first few weeks in the new location (personal hygiene items, food, etc.) and help them obtain legal status in the host country


We stay in touch with our families, helping with school registrations, any local orientation and other ad hoc support they may need

The war seen from the front by individuals and professional photographers.

The cruelty of war can be seen not only on the streets of Ukrainian cities but also in the faces and the eyes of Ukrainian children. Horror, fear, despair, uncertainty, and insecurity entered the home of each Ukrainian on February 24th.

Children continue to be killed and wounded and this sad reality leaves young girls and boys deeply traumatized. The war caused one of the fastest large-scale movements of children since World War II, and you can provide the much needed help.

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Latest and current news from us

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Why your donation is important? 

Why Is Your Donation Important? Millions of people in Ukraine have been displaced due to a crisis caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The

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Thanks to the great availability and generosity of private people who immediately made themselves available, together we managed to give a bit of comfort to

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Skills we’re looking for Logistics management and dispatch - working with transportation companies, coordinating multiple people to join our buses Language skills - Ukrainian, Russian, Italian, French, German, English Persistence, personability, wide network in areas where arriving families can be hosted